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Pictured above are the Mohawk Expanding Chuck for shaft sizes 1 15/16" and 2" and different core sizes.

The Three Inch Chuck has 50 square inches of contact inside of roll! The 6" has over 100 square inches of contact.

Mechanical Advantages of the Mohawk Chuck over all other methods of holding paper rolls

Our special design - The "Clamping Bolt" with splitting of the inner-member locks the expanding roll chuck securely to the shaft.

Will not burr the shaft because there is not set screw used. Permits use of paper right down to core. Eliminates stub waste.

The positive holding of the roll prevents coasting. In case of shutdown, saves damage to paper, foil and all kinds of film. Uses Malleable Iron of 55,000 tensile strength. Thus, few repairs.

The Multi-Purpose Expanding Chuck manufactured to hold rolls securely to the shaft with any type of core

Mohawk Expanding Chucks will hold the desired tension on the web of rolls of any material: paper, paperboard, foil, textiles and all different types of film, etc.

It is used on Web pressed - All kinds of printing (Letterpress, Offset, Rotogravure, Flexographic) wound on cores for newspapers, magazines, brochures, etc.

It is used on Converting Machinery - Unwinders, winders, Laminators, Coaters, Waxers, Bag Machines, Roll Stands, Packaging Machines, Carbon Paper Machines, Super Calenders, and Lay-Boys, Sheeters, Slitters for Envelopes machines and other machinery.

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Three Inch Core The 4 Inch Core The 5 Inch Core The 6" Core